[Super Nintendo] Boogerman – A Pick And Flick Adventure

Boogerman – A Pick And Flick Adventure
Full nameBoogerman - A Pick And Flick Adventure
File size1.8MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Along with the humankind’s development, natural ecosystems are losing gradually, and habitats also become worse (air pollution, global warming …). To improve the Earth’s ecosystem, Professor Stinkbaum created a special machine at his lab. It allowed us to open up a new dimension so that humans can transport domestic and industrial waste (moving waste to another space will help prevent the Earth from being polluted). This new space is Professor Dimension X-Crement.

During a storm in the evening, a billionaire, Snotty Ragsdale, came to visit the laboratory to evaluate this unique project. However, an incident occurred when the billionaire touched the machine. It worked and caused Snotty to inhale dust from the lab, made him sneeze. After that, the machine began to malfunction and open a new dimension. Since then, a giant arm appeared and stole special energy to use for the device. Witnessing the incident and the stolen energy, Snotty ran into the changing room and transformed into Boogerman. Next, he chased the mysterious arm to regain special power for Stinkbaum’s machine.

In Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure, you will conquer new worlds to collect special energy cores. In this world with strange-shaped creatures, you will have to move skillfully to avoid monsters and obstacles. An interesting feature is that it allows you to use wacky skills such as farting, throwing nose sharks to kill monsters. Boogerman’s movements will follow the horizontal screen, and you are free to climb to complete the challenge. The game offers over 20 separate levels. Each has a puzzle to answer, it will appear at the end of each level. Also, you have to fight with bosses to win. Besides, the player also has to collect bottles of biological solution, and some others to receive bonus points. Successful collection, they will convert immediately to bonus points. The solution jars can only exchange for bonus points at the end of the level after completing the puzzle.

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