[Super Nintendo] Boxing Legends Of The Ring

Boxing Legends Of The Ring
Full nameBoxing Legends Of The Ring
File size727.0KB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Boxing Legends of the Ring will bring you exciting boxing matches and many competitions. This game comes from the most favorite sport in Europe – Boxing. It also gives you many famous athletes to explore such as Jake LaMotta, Roberto Durán, Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard. ..

To bring true battles, the game has a unique interface system. Instead of using the vitality bar to display the health status like other fighting games, Boxing Legends of the Ring has a character and a glove’s image. In which, the avatar will display the character’s health, and the competition glove is for the strength. Providing in the same frame requires the player to have clever strategies to win. Subjected to many enemies’ skills, the character’s avatar will change (it will begin to appear bruises or wounds).

In the game, the competition glove will display in red but it may turn black when the character’s health reduces. This makes your skills not to deal much damage to the opponent. Therefore, the player has to balance the character’s strength to use the offensive skills effectively and finish within the allowed time (each round will have limited time). Besides, each character will have three health parameters, including Chin, Punch Power, and Stamina. Similar to real-life boxing matches, you use many offensive and defensive techniques. For example, you can attack opponents with hook punches (from your left or right hand). And defensive techniques allow you to block or evade them.

The game has three game modes, Battle of the Legends, Exhibition, and Career. In which, Battle of the Legends allows you to use the special characters to compete in many different matches. The exhibition is an easy-to-understand mode, you can choose any to use and participate in random matches. Career has similar content to the Battle of the Legends. Instead of using existing characters, you will create yourself to use in a tournament. However, you can lose after being defeated at any two matches.

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