[Super Nintendo] Brain Lord

Brain Lord
Full nameBrain Lord
File size677.5KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Brain Lord brings single-player mode to go through many different dungeons. There are five, including Volcanic Drip, Light Tower, Platinum, Ice Castle, and Ancient Ruins. Each offers a different context and pitfalls along the way to enjoy.

In the game, you will control Remerer to find the cause of his father’s disappearance. Many years ago, Remerer’s father was one of the dragon warriors in the world. He received a request to search for a dragon that was constantly attacking villages in the forest. Unlike the previous missions, the character’s father had never returned. Over the years, Remerer did not receive any information regarding the father. Therefore, he decided to search for his disappearance. To do that, you will have to overcome dungeons and traps to gather important information. Each will bring a separate suggestion to collect. In particular, this journey offers four kind friends that will help Remerer overcome the dungeons. Firstly, Ferris – a smart witch and uses many different types of magical power. Next, Kashian – a bounty hunter and Rein – a lone warrior. Finally, Barness – an astrologer.

With five dungeons and different contexts, the player has to focus to overcome many dangerous traps along the way. Besides, each also owns many different types of monsters to fight. They will appear constantly to prevent you from completing the challenge. Therefore, you have to move skillfully to overcome traps and kill monsters at the same time. To assist players, Brain Lord offers many weapons to use, including swords, bows, axes … Besides, you have also other protective equipment such as clothing armor. They are very diverse, you have to change equipment constantly (use items with better features). The game also provides a monetary system to use (buy, sell, and trade goods). You can make money by selling items in dungeons or participating in the battle in the arena in the Toronto town (it also allows you to experience a fascinating betting game by predicting the matches).

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