[Super Nintendo] Brandish

Full nameBrandish
File size951.5KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

With a mission to overcome more than 40 different dungeons and to fight with a large number of monsters on the way, Brandish is an addictive fighting game. This game was available by Koei in Japan in 1994 and North America in 1995. The challenges take place in the Vittoria Kingdom. The Kingdom’s center had a tall tower, and it pierced the sky. Besides, this Kingdom also received the Dragon’s protection and enjoyed a peaceful life for generations. However, human’s life changed when the Vittoria’s new King was Bistalle (who had evil personal ambitions).

The King wanted to expand his Kingdom and asked scholars to study the mysterious powers within the Central Tower. When studying at the King’s order, they found a book with ancient languages which the previous generation ​​passed down. After deciphering the book, the King learned that Dragon and Essence was the Tower’s power, the Essence’s owner could control all. From there, the King summoned his army and attacked the Tower that guarded the Dragon to take the Essence. With a large army, Bistalle captured the Dragon and touched the Essence. But an incident happened, the Dragon had used magical power and sacrificed to destroy the Essence. When the Essence disappeared, mysterious powers released outside, and the King was an ugly monster. Besides, the Central Tower and Vittoria also submerged to the ground.

The game’s content will take place at the time of 1000 years later. The main character is Ares, a young swordsman fleeing from the enemy’s pursuit. When fleeing, he, unfortunately, falls into an underground city (Vittoria after 1000 years). Here, you will have to help Ares escape from this mysterious city. After many years below the ground, this city becomes a complex maze. Besides, the maze also has fierce monsters guarding at many other paths. Therefore, the player has to move skillfully to ensure safety. You will control the character with a top-down perspective to engage in battles with enemies. Besides, you have also fascinating puzzle challenges to conquer.

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