[Super Nintendo] Brawl Brothers

Brawl Brothers
Full nameBrawl Brothers
File size897.5KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Brawl Brothers brings five ​​different characters to use in combat and survival missions. In which, there are two main and three supporting characters. The two main characters are Hack and Slash, while the three supporting are Wendy Milan, Lord J, and Kazan. You can distinguish the characters through their costumes. Hack wears white bandages around his legs to protect. Slash is a policeman, and he wears a yellow turtleneck boot. Kazan is a ninja warrior and uses his signature ninja outfit. Lord J is a professional Judo martial artist with a white outfit and a black belt. Finally, Wendy Milan is a professional female wrestler with a yellow shirt.

Brawl Brothers prepare two game modes are single and multiple players. However, the battle will take place with the 2 characters’ appearance at the same time. Therefore, the single-player mode will consist of 1 character that you control and the other that the CPU will play. Before starting the game, you can choose 1 of 5 characters to use. Each possesses different unique battle skills and movement patterns to explore. In addition to using them in combat battles, you can also pick up various weapons on the ground to use (rocks, sticks, guns, grenades …). By using the weapons to quickly defeat the enemy, you can also collect HP regeneration items to ensure that the character doesn’t lose. Besides, the status bar (vitality) will arrange at the top of the screen to observe and change the competition strategy.

Battles will take you to different areas (Bay Side, Training Field, Ari Terminal …), and you will face bosses to complete the level. The three bosses in the first three levels that you face are three unselected characters before starting (copies). Next, you will end the game by defeating the last boss, Dieter. In particular, the bosses (five characters’ copies) all own their unique battle scenes. For example, Kazan will bring a dojo to fight, and around will arrange with traps (players have to move carefully to avoid colliding with traps). Or Hack will provide a ring built inside a giant iron cage.

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