[Super Nintendo] BreakThru!

Full nameBreakThru!
File size223.7KB
Genre Action , Strategy
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

BreakThru! was available by Steve Fry for a Japanese company, Zoo Corporation. This game offers intellectually challenging content that requires the player to destroy different colored square blocks to achieve high scores. The game was officially available by Spectrum HoloByte, and it was only in the North American market for the SNES platform on June 1, 1994.

The goal that you have to complete is to destroy all the blocks on the screen. The blocks will arrange in many different colors, and they can only disappear when arranging next to each other (with the number of 2 or more bricks). Besides, you have a mouse cursor to move and select the blocks to destroy. This mission focuses on the player’s ability to think quickly (each will have limited time). To complete with good results, you have to destroy the square in a planned manner. Destroying the square will leave gaps, and other blocks will quickly fill these gaps. Therefore, you have to think carefully to arrange and delete them at the same time. Besides, the game also provides a certain number of support items to help you complete. For example, you will have a bomb on the screen. Activating it will help you destroy the square blocks around the bomb. Besides, the challenge only stops when you remove all squares or the countdown timer on the left of the screen that stops working.

Before exploring the game, players will see two different folders on the screen, including Start and Options. Once there, you have to move and the Options folder to customize the contents. In this directory, you can choose between two modes, including single-player and multiplayer (allowing two players to compete directly to find a winner). Next, the game will provide a folder to customize the level (3 different levels including easy, medium, and hard). Each will have a different number of square blocks on the screen. High levels bring several colorful blocks, and they will intricately arrange to challenge the players’ minds. Besides, you can also edit the time to perform the challenges in the Time Limit folder.

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