[Super Nintendo] Breath Of Fire II

Breath Of Fire II
Full nameBreath Of Fire II
File size1.6MB
Genre Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Breath of Fire II is the sequel to Breath of Fire. This game has a plot that continues the events of the first version. In the game, the context will take place 500 years later (when Ryu defeats the Goddess Marya). In this version, the main character is also Ryu (Ryu Bateson). He lives with his sister Yua and his father Ganer (a priest who works at Saint Eva’s Church). And Ryu’s mother was missing during a monsters’ attack in their village. The monster appeared from the secret tunnels in the mountain. However, a mysterious dragon defeated the monsters and sealed the tunnels to rescue villagers.

One day, Ryu visited the area where the mysterious dragon sacrificed to save the village. However, when returning home, his family had disappeared. The villagers did not remember him. From there, Ryu came to the Church for the pastor to take care. There, he met a new friend, Bow. They decided to leave the village to live in developed areas. While leaving, they encountered a demon, Barubary, which calls Ryu as the Destiny Child before knocking them unconscious. 10 years later, Ryu and Bow got into trouble, when a nobleman accused Bow of stealing. Before, they had to find Princess Mina’s pet (one of the Windia Kingdom’s two princesses). To help Bow escape the false accusations, Ryu found the cause and the related people. From there, Ryu discovered more dark conspiracies related to the demons. In the investigating, Ryu and his friends discover another truth. The old dragon that saved Ryu’s village was his mother, and Ryu was a member of the Dragon Clan. Besides, the demons who wanted to revive the Goddess Marya were detaining Eyu’s family. They need the Dragon Clan’s blood to revive the Goddess.

Breath of Fire II still brings the familiar combat missions like the previous version. Players still have to go through many dungeons to find items and upgrade characters. However, the menu has changed. Instead of using icons specifically, the game offers different text to distinguish the folders. The battle system is still the same as the old version (maximum of 4 members in a group and play in turns). Besides, it allows gamers to build a town and invite Ryu’s friends to live with.

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