[Super Nintendo] Breath Of Fire

Breath Of Fire
Full nameBreath Of Fire
File size1.0MB
Genre Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Breath of Fire is one of famous role-playing games of the developer Capcom. It has received positive feedback from users after a short time releasing. The game was available on SNES in North America on May 10, 1994; in Japan on April 3, 1993.

The story

In the game, the main character is Ryu, a descendant of the powerful beast race family that can transform into ferocious dragons. The journey begins with ancient stories. Besides the human’s existence, the beast race families also flourished. They were the Dragon Clan. However, the Dragon Clan’s peace began to end when a Goddess appeared with the name Myria. This Goddess poisoned the Dragon Clan by fulfilling many different wishes and desires. From there, the Dragon Clan began to separate into two factions, the Dark Dragon and the Light Dragon. They were competing with each other for the influence with the Goddess. Instead of stopping them, the Goddess encouraged the war and broke out a fierce battle between the two factions for a long time. It ended when Light Dragon’s powerful warriors captured and sealed Marya with six magical keys.

The gameplay

After years of peace, Dark Dragon’s new ruler, Zog, wages a war between the two factions. His goal is to revive the Goddess Marya. In which, Ryu is a member of Light Dragon, and his sister Sara – a nun who knows how to use magic to raise him. However, the town that Ryu is living in was attacked by Zog’s army. They arrested his sister while trying to protect people. To rescue Sara and put an end to Zog’s crazy plan, Ryu decides to collect the magic keys so that it will not fall into the Dark Dragon’s hands.

With the role-playing element (controlling Ryu), players will go to many different lands and meet new characters. During the journey, you can invite people to join. Your team will include 4 members. Gamers can still own many other characters. Also, players will engage in turn-based combat and complete many others to upgrade characters. You can collect items on your way to buy things in the store. At the final battle, your team will face Marya in the Obelisk’s last room to defeat her.

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