[Super Nintendo] Brett Hull Hockey

Brett Hull Hockey
Full nameBrett Hull Hockey
File size1.1MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Brett Hull Hockey is a sports game by Accolade in 1994. The game comes from the famous hockey sport game. Team athletes will show their skills in a field that contains a piece of thin ice. Each will have protective clothing such as a helmet, a life jacket, and a cane. With beautiful images and simple gameplay, the game promises to bring players an exciting and novel experience compared to other games.

The game offers two modes, including one player and two players. In single-player mode, they are participating in a professional hockey tournament. Players select a team to start the game. They will accompany 25 famous teams from around the world. After selecting a favorite team, players will change the team’s tactics depending on their style. The offensive line-up gives players a fast speed with beautiful passes. Besides, it also brings stability to the entire team. The teams are divided into different groups to choose the best teams. Each takes 100 minutes with five rounds. The match begins when there is a signal from the umpire. You have to control the players flexibly to get the ball from the opponent. They will get a point when the ball hits the opponent’s goal. After five rounds, the team with the higher score will gain the right to go forward to the next rounds and is the winner.

The players on the playground have to follow the rules under the referee’s control. Players will incur some penalties if they attack an opponent or deliberately bring the ball out. Players can replace athletes in their team to change tactics in each half. The team that wins the first match will continue to the next match with the good opponent. Through many rounds, the game will find the two teams with the highest scores to participate in the final round. It takes place with enthusiastic cheers from the audience in the field. Players will receive a prestigious cup if they win the last match. With a two-player mode, they will select two teams and compete on the field. Players do not have to complete any mission in this mode.

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