[Super Nintendo] BS Albert Odyssey

BS Albert Odyssey
Full nameBS Albert Odyssey
File size608.3KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Albert’s Odyssey is a unique RPG that hasn’t received much acclaim. Although there are many specialties, if you can play this game, it is quite impressive.


The in-game combat system is relatively unique. You have certainly never come across a way to make a game like this before. The entire world in the game makes a strategy game where you can just move around and attack your opponents. All matches are played on a specific map. You are allowed to move in 1 space and perform an attack. This is quite similar to other strategy games.

Fortunately, enemies near you will try to move to fight with you. Finally, to get the most points, you have to find towns guarded by bosses with great power and defeat them. Once completed, you will turn to other villages and defeat other leaders to continue earning points. You are allowed to use the four main characters and place them in different areas on the map and program them to combine them into different combat situations. This depends on your strategy. Of course, these 4 characters will be better played if you use the multiplayer mode. You are also presented with your options and designs. The most common tactic might be sending your two warriors first and the two mages behind to win.


You will be playing the protagonist to stop a vast conspiracy from the worst forces. This plot is quite similar to many other types of war games. Besides, the game is the sub in Japanese, so you do not need to understand the plot and still win. Don’t worry too much.


The sound of getting the job done is pretty cool. It is relatively suitable for gameplay and character graphics. The fighting music is pretty much repeated, but doesn’t affect the quality of the game. Players can still win and play usually. It also provides a mute button if you need quiet for strategic thinking.

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