[Super Nintendo] BS Out Of Bounds Golf

BS Out Of Bounds Golf
Full nameBS Out Of Bounds Golf
File size644.9KB
Genre Sports
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

BS Out of Bound Golf is a great game from the developer NCS Corp, which was available in 1995. Like many other mini-golf games, this game also offers several maps with beautiful scenery to enjoy. With three unique modes, Stroke Play, Match Play, and Double Play, you will be free to play against A.I or other players. Firstly, Match Play brings random and fast-paced matches to discover (its maps have a simple design). Double Play and Stroke Play require you to have much time and concentration to complete the challenges. Stroke Play offers single-player challenges, and you have to complete with the least number of strokes. And Double Play brings interesting competitions in groups, you will combine with the other (or A.I) to compete. In the group, each will perform a round of polishing and coordinate well to win.

Besides, the game also offers 12 different characters to use (female and male). However, they are only different in appearance and do not possess special skills. Moreover, there are two characters with a design as a cat. Along with the diverse number of characters, BS Out of Bound Golf also offers many different contexts to explore (there are six contexts), including Seaside Country Club, Future Golf Links, Smiling Country Club, Micro World Country Club, Forest Ruins Country Club, and Dream Land Golf Course. Each has up to eight different maps, and you have to compete in 48 maps. After selecting the context, you will choose the number of maps to participate. The game will arrange in two different styles, from 1 to 4 or from 5 to 8.

Depending on the terrain and the obstacles on the way, the player has to calculate the reasonable way to bring the ball to the required position. Before hitting the ball, a POW table will appear to customize the power (from 1 to 100). To get good shots, gamers have to choose the right direction. At that point, the game will provide a camera to see the whole scene. Besides, you also have to avoid hitting the ball into the water. Otherwise, you will lose one point.

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