[Super Nintendo] BS Radical Dreamers

BS Radical Dreamers
Full nameBS Radical Dreamers
File size769.4KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Radical Dreamers offers an adventure of three main characters, Serge, Gil, and Kid. In which, the player has to control Serge and lead the expedition. Three years ago, Serge (an unknown and adventurous musician) met Kid in a small town. At that time, Kid was a minor (16 years old) and famous for stealing along with many disruptive jokes that people felt disgusted. In particular, Kid thought that he was a Robin Hood. Before meeting Serge, Kid’s companion was Gil (a mysterious magician who always wore a mask) and was a quiet man. When the three decisions created to form an adventurer group, the first task was to collect the Frozen Flame. It was a mythological artifact and was famous for possessing a mysterious source of power that allowed to carry out the wishes. However, it belongs to Lyx – a wealthy aristocrat and owner of Viper Manor. Besides, Lyx is also famous for defeating the Acacia Dragoons, a powerful warrior group.

The group broke into Viper Manor on a full moon night. Exploring this castle, they faced mysterious creatures and dangerous traps. On a mission, Gil explained that the Ice Flame was a piece of a giant creature in outer space, Lavos. In prehistoric times, Lavos tried to swallow the planet’s energy core, and the Frozen Flame fell from its body. Next, the expedition discovered that Lyx was hiding the Frozen Flame in ancient ruins, deep underground (below Viper Manor). This ruins belonged to the Zeal Kingdom, the ancient civilization that summoned Lavos to seek immortality. However, the result that they received, was destruction. Besides, Serge also uncovered the mysteries between the Kingdom of Zeal, Kid, and Gil.

In Radical Dreamers, you will come to many different contexts along with the dialogue on the screen. From there, the game will offer many different requirements to choose from. You only have to select one of the available requirements to continue the adventure. In case you choose to make unreasonable requests, you will have to go back to the previous context to select the action again. When your choices are appropriate, you will go forward to new contexts. Besides, the game also offers three different options, including Run, Fight, and Magic.

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