[Super Nintendo] BS Special Tee Shot

BS Special Tee Shot
Full nameBS Special Tee Shot
File size547.1KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Special Tee Shot is an interesting mini-golf game on SNES in 1992. This game has a design with many unique maps for players to explore. Also, it owns many different levels to discover (Beginner, Amateur, Pro, and Master). However, the player has to complete each level to unlock new others. In the beginning, you can only participate in the Beginner, and the three remaining will be locked. The Beginner will help you unlock the Amateur, and you can only experience the Master level after completing the Pro level.

Like the real-life mini golf challenges, each map will have different terrain to overcome and put the ball in the correct hole to complete. At the beginning of each match, you will have five balls (equal to five balls hitting). After completing the first, you will get more balls at the next hole. For example, Par 3 will give you three more balls or Par 4 will provide four to use. From the number of balls, you have to quickly overcome the obstacles on the map to bring them to the right position. When you use all the provided balls and haven’t put it in the hole, the challenge will stop, and you lose. Besides, the game will provide two different types of polish to use as Special and Normal. In which, Normal is the basic, and you will use them in many different matches. Special is a limited number of balls, each match only allows you to make a maximum of five times.

Besides, along the way, there are obstacles that you have to avoid and some different items to collect. The basic obstacle is Blobs of Water. If you collide it, you will lose a ball. Bonus items include Special Shots (giving you one extra special ball shot), Putting the Ball in the Cup (help you get one bonus point) … From support items, you also have to observe the map to avoid some pitfalls. You can put the ball into the hole with the least number of strokes. Besides, Special Tee Shot also allows you to compete with other players in multiplayer mode.

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