[Super Nintendo] Cacoma Knight In Bizyland

Cacoma Knight In Bizyland
Full nameCacoma Knight In Bizyland
File size381.7KB
Genre Strategy
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Cacoma Knight in Bizyland possesses a unique gameplay system with two elements, puzzle-solving and fighting action. This game was available by Datam Polystar for the Japanese market on November 21, 1992. As for the North American market, it was by Seta USA in 1993.

This game brings the journey to rescue the three main characters Bizyland Kingdom, including Jean, Jack and RB93. Firstly, the Bizyland Kingdom is a beautiful and rich place. The land’s people always work hard to have a happy and fulfilling life. However, there is a land opposite to Bizyland, Lasyland, which Queen Wagamama rules by using evil magic from a magic mirror. The Lasyland’s Queen takes control of Bizyland and occupies its wealth. In addition to helping the Queen accomplish her evil goals, the magic mirror also kidnaps the Bizyland’s Princess to a world inside the mirror. Besides, it also says that Princess can be trapped permanently when not finding before the full moon event. From there, the player has to assist the King in finding and rescuing the Princess.

In Cacoma Knight in Bizyland, players can choose 1 of the 3 characters to use. The challenges are relatively simple, you will have a screen with desolate scenery. But hidden below is a beautiful and pleasant setting. To remove them and open new scenes, you will have to move the character skillfully across the screen. Each will help you remove an unflattering image on the screen (you can turn left, turn right, go up or down). Each successful abolition will give players a certain number of points. The challenge will stop when you remove all the devastating images on the screen. Note, you can get more bonus points when the deleted frame has a large area.

Besides the skillful move to clear multiple frames and get high scores, you also face enemies at each level. Enemies will change according to each level. In the first levels, they will move according to the length and width. Continuous collision with the enemy will cause your character to destroy. The higher the level, the enemy can freely move in many different positions on the screen.

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