[Super Nintendo] Cannon Fodder

Cannon Fodder
Full nameCannon Fodder
File size679.4KB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

With the strategic elements, Cannon Fodder requires players to have good focus thinking to complete the tasks. The main content is to take you to many different environments to face the enemies. You will become a commander and control a battle unit (maximum of 5 members) to participate in military activities. Your soldiers have machine guns to fight and some other special weapons as missiles, grenades (to destroy the enemy’s structures- barracks, bunkers …). Unlike machine guns (standard equipment for each individual), special weapons will have a limited amount of ammunition. Therefore, players have to pay attention to the battle map to collect more supplies and restore ammunition.

Many missions

Cannon Fodder has 23 different combat missions, and they are arranged in 72 separate levels to explore. Each mission will take you to a different battle environment (each has the advantages and disadvantages). In the mission, the game provides a mouse cursor to choose the appropriate movement for soldiers. Besides, you can rearrange your unit in smaller groups to fight enemies. Depending on the environment and the task’s requirements, you have to use many clever strategies to complete the challenge. Some environments that you will explore include desert, jungle … The different environment leads to a changing battlefield. Meanwhile, the player has to calm and carefully observe the map to choose the safe movement. Note, unreasonable moves will cause your unit to face the enemy’s density. For example, moving through rivers will make your soldiers slow and unable to use weapons. From there, enemies can appear suddenly and encircle your unit.

Many vehicles

In addition to facing the army, players also face many complex war vehicles such as tanks, aircraft, … With the complex vehicles, you can only use missiles or grenades to eliminate them on the battlefield. However, this task will not be simple, and you have to arrange a reasonable battle.

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