[Super Nintendo] Captain America And The Avengers

Captain America And The Avengers
Full nameCaptain America And The Avengers
File size757.5KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Captain America is a famous fictional character and is associated with American popular culture. Since then, Data East and Real Associates Associates developed an adventure game that came from a famous character. The game is Captain America and The Avengers. It was available by Mindscape in 1993 on SNES.

The Background

The game’s content relates to the battle between Captian America and his eternal enemy, the Red Skull. To fight America’s superhero, Red Skull gathered many different villains and created his criminals’ army with the purpose of world domination (after defeating Captian America). The bad guys include Klaw, Assassin Crossbones, Whirlwind, Juggernaut, Living Laser, Wizard, and some other characters.

Unlock and upgrade characters

To confront the evil organization, Captian America has the support of members of The Avengers such as Quicksilver, Namor the Sub-Mariner or Wasp. They can appear on the battlefield and help you defeat enemies after you complete some requirements to collect the special powers. There are four characters to use in combat missions, including Iron Man, Vision, Captian America and Hawk Eyes. Each will build with different combat skills (melee and ranged attack). The melee skills are similar to the punches or kicks. Besides, each character possesses different long-range skills. Vision and Iron Man will destroy enemies by using energy rays. And Hawk Eyes fights enemies with his arrows, Captian America will throw the shield at the enemies.

Fight with bosses

Moreover, the battle will take place in many different contexts, and each brings a tycoon. You can end by destroying the Red Skull at the final stage. In the fighting, enemies will attack continuously to defeat you, and the game has prepared a strength folder (showing the character’s limit) in the left corner of the screen. It will display different numbers, and characters will lose when the power parameter drops to 0. Therefore, you have to avoid attacks from enemies. Besides, some stages also bring battles in the air. Iron Man and Vision will fly in the air to face the enemy. And Captain and Hawk Eyes will use fighters.

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