[Super Nintendo] Captain Commando

Captain Commando
Full nameCaptain Commando
File size1.2MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

In 2026, Captain Commando brings a chaotic world in Metro City with criminal gangs that want to control of the neighborhoods. Besides common criminals, there are some special groups (possessing superpowers). In the game, you will accompany four different characters to defeat the gangs and return a peaceful life in the neighborhood.

About the gameplay

The four main characters you can use during the experience, including Captain Commando, Ginzu the Ninja, Mack the Knife and Baby Head. Before starting, you can choose one to control, and each possesses their fighting skills. For example, Baby Commando (Baby Head) will use a robot that he created to engage in fighting crime. It can move quickly and possesses some fighting techniques such as Knee Rocket or Talking Machine. Ginzu the Ninja (also known as another Ninja Commando) is a Ninja who has strong melee skills and uses ninjutsu’s skills to defeat enemies (Flying Katana, Smoke Bomb …).

Game modes

In the SNES version, the game offers two modes as one player and two players (allowing two of four characters to appear). Similar to other fighting games, Captain Commando brings nine different battle stages to conquer. Each will have different contexts and obstacles to overcome. Along the way, enemies will appear suddenly from many locations to fight. Therefore, players have to move constantly and combine many skills to defeat the enemy. In particular, at the end of each stage also brings a boss to fight.

Collect the items

At the top of the screen will have a vitality bar for characters. After being attacked, the health bar will decrease, and you can recover your health by collecting items. They will be inside the trash or some can disappear. Moreover, the game also brings value items to collect (help improve bonus points). In addition to the unique battle techniques, you can also pick up and use weapons on the ground. Another interesting feature is that it allows you to carry collected weapons from the old period to use in new battle maps.

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