[Super Nintendo] Captain Novolin

Captain Novolin
Full nameCaptain Novolin
File size0.0
Genre Action , Educational
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Based on common human diabetes, Captain Novolin offers fun challenges to explore. In the game, you will become a superhero, and you have to rescue the Pineville’s market from alien confinement (led by Blubberman). In addition to light entertainment, the game also provides a message about the healthy life that people have to follow in their days to get good health. In particular, owning a reasonable diet also helps you avoid obesity and diabetes.

In Captain Novolin, the character will move in a horizontal screen (from left to right). Along the way, you have to collect healthy foods such as fruits, water … Besides, aliens will prevent you from collecting healthy food by sending unhealthy others (carbonated drinks, fast food, ice cream cakes …) to The Earth. They will appear constantly on the way, and you have to jump into the air to avoid colliding with them. Besides, the game also brings a special clock to check the amount of sugar in the character’s blood. When it exceeds the allowed level or drops too low, you will be eliminated from the game. The watch has three different levels as High (in red), Ok (in bright green) and Low (in green).

To ensure a stable blood sugar, you have to collect advantages and disadvantages to foods appropriately at different stages. These unique challenges are according to the normal person’s diet. This means you will participate in three-time points, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Besides, the game has also many different contexts to explore such as walking on the street, jogging in the forest …

Along with the mission to overcome obstacles, you also participate in some fascinating puzzle challenges related to diabetes. They will appear unexpectedly along the way (shown by question marks). To explore the puzzle, you only have to touch the question mark, and the screen will ask a question along with some different options. From the questions and answers, you have to choose the most accurate answer to get bonus points.

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