[Super Nintendo] Castlevania – Dracula X

Castlevania – Dracula X
Full nameCastlevania - Dracula X
File size1.1MB
Genre Action , Strategy
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Castlevania: Dracula X is a dramatic action game released by Konami in 1995. The game takes place from familiar lands under Dracula’s rule. Previously, many heroes fought with them to destroy that dark force like Simon Belmont. Sometime later, with his magical power, the dark lord Dracula was resurrected and began to take revenge. Their target is Richter, the descendant of the Belmont generation. Dracula began to develop a great plan to lead Richter to his demon castle. Annet, Richter’s lover and younger sister Maria are kidnapped. At this point, Richter had to find the clues leading to the Dracula castle to rescue his loved ones.

The gameplay

In the game, your task is to control Richter to go to dangerous areas and complete the mission. He must pass eight stages and fight many enemies. In the first stage, he has to pass a cave of great lava. During the game, Richter can use a long chain as a main weapon. He uses it to attack the moving white skeletons of enemies. After destroying all enemies in the first game, Richter can go to the next floor of the cave. Here, he collects an ax and a sword. These weapons will help Richter destroy the monsters quickly. Besides, he has to collect hearts for restoring power. At the end of this stage, the player must fight a giant rhino and a vampire. Also, the terrain at the end of the cave is dangerous because of many gaps filled with lava. If Richter falls into those areas or touches an enemy, he will die and reappear in the previous location. For safety, he has to jump high and run away out of the enemies’ vision.

In the next phase, Richter came to a dark area in an abandoned city. He can flexibly use chains or darts to easily attack enemies from a distance. The enemies that appeared during this period are horses jumping down from above and flames. Richter has to move flexibly to evade continuous attacks from enemies. Besides, he has to move to the caves in the next stages. A castle will appear at the final stage of the game. Before he could meet Dracula, Richter had to fight many dangerous monsters like skulls with the ability to fly and drop flames, dinosaur heads and soldiers. They constantly appear and attack you. The final battle takes place between Richter and Dracula. In which Dracula transformed into different forms to attack our character. With his skills, Richter will find Dracula’s weakness and destroy him. The game ends when Richter successfully rescues Annet and Maria from the dark castle.

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