[Super Nintendo] Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger
Full nameChrono Trigger
File size0.0
Genre Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Chrono Trigger is an adventure game by Square in 1995. The game takes place on a planet with a life similar to Earth in prehistoric times. There, humans and dinosaurs controlled almost all areas. There were many familiar characters as knights in fights with monsters, witches and robots. As a result, the heroes began their journey to search for the time cars which helped the planet exist forever.

About the gameplay, the gamer will control a knight to participate in prehistoric battles. On the way, he meets his companions who have the same goal. They go through seven stages to search for clues about the time car. The forests are the first place that they come to. To ensure safety, the player will enter the store which is at the beginning of the stage to equip the necessary items. They receive a sword with magic attacks or physical damages by using the strength to punch. After defeating many enemies in the forest, they will collect items to recover energy, strength and armor. With large bosses, players receive many bonuses after they disappear. Using them in the shop at the beginning of the stage helps to make their battles faster.

Besides, they meet many people in the next stage. The player receives many new clues about where to store special weapons. Their enemies also appear with great power. They attack by releasing large flames. The player will move flexibly to the left, right, jump up and sit down to counter the enemy’s attacks. Also, you will have to lose at a small stage because of the planet’s danger when many enemies attack. After destroying them in the city, the player will go to the dark hell, the last area. The Dark Lord and the witch are holding the time car. The player will attack the lord to get the key to unlocking the treasure chest and the legendary car. The game ends when the group comes back to their planet and chases the dark forces.

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