[Super Nintendo] Chuck Rock (Beta)

Chuck Rock (Beta)
Full nameChuck Rock (Beta)
File size449.0KB
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Chuck Rock is a unique adventure game by Core Design in 1991. The game is set in the Earth with familiar animals such as mammoths, dinosaurs, saber-toothed tigers. In addition to the large animals, this place also has giant monsters and much other wildlife. In this peaceful life, human conflicts arise. The victim is Ophelia Rock, Chuck Rock’s wife, a big man. She is kidnapped in a cave by the dangerous forces by Gritter. Before the situation, Chuck begins the journey to many dangerous areas to rescue Ophelia.

The task is to control Chuck through many stages to search for the mysterious cave. The first stage takes him to a forest. Here, his enemies are large creatures like bees, butterflies and monkeys. Chuck uses weapons as a big boulder to take down enemies. He collects them by crouching down and throwing the rock. The enemy will disappear when colliding with rocks. In addition to attacking enemies, the platform also helps Chuck move to higher forest terrain. He collects many energy and physical regeneration items like fruits and hearts after an enemy is defeated. In the next level, Chuck faces a new danger from the terrain, falling rocks. Large rocks that fall from a mountain top can cause him to die and have to complete again. To be on the safe, Chuck will lift the rock overhead to avoid direct contact with his body. The enemy has fast movement speed and many gaps cause many difficulties for Chuck.

A cave containing many dangers appears in the next phase. At that time, his enemies are dinosaurs with a large appearance and poisonous spiders. Chuck has to move flexibly to avoid falling lava flows under the cave. The enemy guards almost location and sets traps. Dinosaurs and poisonous spiders chase Chuck to an area that has many ​​poisonous mushrooms. He will dodge the mushrooms and destroy all enemies who go to Gritter’s cave. The final battle takes place dramatically between Chuck and Gritter. Ophelia is rescued if Chuck defeats the last enemy and finds the key in the special room. Chuck completes the mission and returns to his normal life after escaping from the cave.

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