[Super Nintendo] Classic Kong

Classic Kong
Full nameClassic Kong
File size81.4KB
Genre Platform
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Classic Kong (SNES) was available by Bubble Zap, this game was based on Donkey Kong in the arcade game platform. In the game, you can control a familiar character, Mario. You continue the journey to rescue the Princess and face a new enemy, Kong. The evil Kong captured the Princess in high places. Therefore, you had to overcome many different obstacles to rescue the Princess. Besides, Kong would stand at the highest position to throw objects in your area.

Classic Kong (SNES) offers many challenges for each level, and each has four different stages to conquer. At each stage, Kong will stand at different heights, and the number of obstacles has also changed. The player has to move skillfully to avoid many traps and climb to higher positions to reach the Princess. Four stages with four different heights include 25 M, 50 M, 75 M, and 100 M. Besides, each is according to different floors. They will connect by ladders (arranged in separate locations), and you have to use them to cross each floor.

In the first phase (25 M), Kong will drop wooden crates from above, and you have to avoid colliding with them. You can climb stairs or jump over wooden crates (each success gives you 300 points). Besides, the game also provides a support tool to use, a red hammer. Picking it up, you can freely destroy the wooden crates and go forward to higher positions easily. The second and third stages (50 M and 75 M) provide obstacles with the ability to move automatically (can also move by ladders). Meanwhile, you have to move carefully to avoid them, and on the map, there is still a hammer to collect. With the final stage, each floor will have two different explosive blocks, and you have to activate them to knock down Kong. After that, you will free the Princess and finish a level.

The game’s levels are relatively similar content (overcoming obstacles to reach the Princess’s position). However, Kong’s speed and obstacles will change with each level. At higher levels, enemies have faster speed and complex directions. As a result, you have to have agile reflexes to complete the challenge.

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