[Super Nintendo] Clay Fighter

Clay Fighter
Full nameClay Fighter
File size1.5MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

ClayFighter is a fighting game, and the characters have designed with the circus theme. It was available by Interplay Productions on SNES on November 15, 1993, for North America and the others in May 1994. Similar to other fighting games, you will discover many different characters, each has interesting techniques.

ClayFighter’s story begins with the event that a mysterious meteorite crashed near a circus in the United States. Besides, it also contains a mysterious solution that anyone or anything exposed, had been transformed (different shapes and sizes) with new powers.

The game offers eight basic characters to use and one boss to fight in the single-player. Besides, each has interesting information to explore such as Likes, Wants, Hates, Motto and Job. The eight characters include Helga – an opera singer but obese and have large breasts. Mr. Bad Frosty – a tough and big snowman. Bonker – a clown and throws pies at the opponent. Ickybod Clay – a mannequin with a pumpkin head. Blob – one piece of clay and can transform into many different forms to fight. Blue Suede Goo – a singer and actor Elvis Aaron Presley. The others, Tiny and Taffy.

In the game, you can participate in two modes, VS. A.I and VS. Mode. In which, VS. A.I bring computer battles, and you will face N. Boss. You can choose one of eight characters to use. And VS. Mode brings battle between two players. Before participating in the A.I, you can customize it with three such as Easy, Medium and Hard. Besides, you can also modify the game’s tempo (eight levels, level 1 is the enemy with the slowest reflexes, and level 8 is the fastest speed). Besides, the game also allows you to enable or disable competition features for a limited time. When turning on this, a slow explosive bomb will display at the bottom of the screen to capture the time. In case the bomb explodes, the character who deals with much damage to the opponent will win. About turning off, the game only stops when one character is defeated.

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