[Super Nintendo] Claymates

Full nameClaymates
File size683.5KB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

With adventure content and rewards to improve the score, Claymates will provide the journey to rescue the father whom Clayton’s evil witches (the main character) imprisoned. One day, an evil witch attacked Clayton and his father. The purpose was to obtain a mysterious remedy from his father. It would make a normal human turn into a piece of clay. Therefore, Witchdoctor stole it and arrested Dr. Besides, he turned Clayton into the clay to test the medicine. After that, fortunately, Clayton retained a human mind. From there, he began on an adventure to the Witchdoctor’s base to rescue his father.

In the Claymates, you will discover many different map systems. Each will have several terrain, support tools and obstacles to overcome. On the maps also offers many diamonds, you will have to collect them to improve your performance (they have different colors and sizes, number of points). Besides, the game also offers another challenge that is to provide a limited time during conquering. As a result, you have to collect many diamonds and find a special door to go to new levels. Another feature is that it allows you to transform from a piece of clay into many different animals (mice, cats, fish …). To perform the transformation, you have to collect them that have different colors. For example, the gray clay will make you a mouse or the red will create a cat. The transformation will bring many interesting images in each challenge to overcome (the mouse can move quickly…). From there, you can complete the level with the highest achievement.

Besides, along the way, there are enemies (some like dogs, snails, geckos …) to overcome. You can kill them by throwing the clay or punching enemies while in basic form (the blue clay), each destroyed will drop diamonds to collect. Also, the game offers certain obstacles (spikes, clouds catch lightning …) to challenge the player’s ability to move.

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