[Super Nintendo] Cliffhanger

Full nameCliffhanger
File size554.9KB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Cliffhanger’s fighting content comes from a movie of the same name in 1993. In the game, you will control Gabe (the main character) to rescue a close friend whom a terrorist group is persecuting. The story begins with Gabe and Hal receiving an S.O.S signal from a mysterious group. They arrived at the location that had the distress signal. Surprisingly, a terrorist group sent the signal for them. This group stole money from the Union and used planes to escape but F.B.I’s aerial combat units shot down. After meeting Hal and Gabe, the group arrested Hal and asked Gabe to collect money sacks that had fallen off the plane. Therefore, Gabe had to collect to rescue Hal.

In the Cliffhanger, you will enjoy the battle with movement on the horizontal screen. In which, you have to move from left to right and defeat all enemies. Enemies will appear at various locations on the screen to fight. Besides, some opponents have also personal weapons. Therefore, players have to be careful in moving to avoid the attacks. Facing opponents, you can use melee skills such as punching or kicking. Combining them with skillful moves will help you create accurate attack combos and deal more damage.

Besides, Gabe and the competitors have a vitality bar at the top of the screen (in the right corner of the screen). To defeat an enemy, you have to attack continuously and reduce their vitality quickly. Moreover, the game also allows you to use many different weapons. You can pick up weapons to use as guns or knives. However, the gun will be limited in usage. After using all the provided ammunition, you will have to throw away and fight with your hands. A defeated enemy will give you bonus points, and you can raise them by collecting bags of money. The game also brings battles with tycoons at certain stages. Unlike normal opponents, bosses also have defensive skills and can block your skills with hands. Therefore, the fastest way is to use weapons.

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