[Super Nintendo] Clock Tower

Clock Tower
Full nameClock Tower
File size1.5MB
Genre Adventure
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Clock Tower’s story takes place around Jennifer Simpson on the journey to escape the wealthy family’s pursuit but they like to kill. The story starts with some children from the orphanage Granit whom the wealthy family adopted, Simon Barrows. In addition to Jennifer, there were three others as Laura, Lotte and Anna (in September 1995). Upon reaching Simon Barrows’s mansion, the children met Mary (Mr. Simon’s representative), and she asked them to wait in the waiting room to talk to Mr. Simon. However, Mary left for a short time without returning. Therefore, Jennifer went to find and left the waiting room. For a while, she heard screams and panic. She returned to the room, and her friends disappeared. Next, she saw a boy with a deformed appearance (Scissorman) and carried large scissors moving in the house.

In the Clock Tower, you will have to help Jennifer escape Scissorman’s pursuit and find Mary’s purpose in adopting girls. With adventure and horror elements, the game requires you to have a good concentration to face many challenges. The villa has a large area with many different rooms. Therefore, the game will give a mouse pointer to control the character and explore the objects.

Jennifer’s image will display on the left, bottom of the screen to show the health status. You can walk or run to escape from Scissorman. However, running continuously will make health decline and easily catch up with Scissorman. Therefore, you have to ensure good health to continue the challenge (the character can sit down to recover health). Besides, you cannot fight Scissorman, you only use the house’s terrain to hide or set traps to Scissorman. In addition to protecting your life, you have to search for special objects to discover new rooms. From there, you will find out the truth that hides in this house. In particular, the game can end with eight different stories, depending on your actions. To do that, you have to ensure Jennifer’s safety.

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