[Super Nintendo] Clue

Full nameClue
File size0.0
Genre Board Game , Strategy
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Clue is a unique strategy and intellectual challenge game on SNES in September 1992 by Parker Brothers. This game comes from Cluedo. The main challenge is to find the culprit who killed Mr.Boddy. In the game, you will face many different murder suspects, and the screen will show a house’s map where the murder occurred with many different rooms. The objective is to search for clues and accuse the culprit. In case your accusations are not correct, the game will delete you. The intellectual challenges require players to have calm and good thinking to complete.


There are six characters, and each is a murder suspect. They include Mr. Green, Mrs. White, Miss Scarlet, Prof. Plum, Col. Mustard and Mrs. Peacock. You can play by two forms, single or multiple players. In the individual challenge, you will face the A.I (control one of six) on five different levels. Each will have different puzzles and challenges to fool the player. Five levels include Amatuer, Gumshoe, Sleuth, P.I. and Detective. Besides, the number of clues at each level will vary. For example, the Amatuer offers basic challenges, and players can collect many killer’s clues. And Detective will provide the most complex challenges, the number of clues you can reach will be limited. As for the multiplayer mode, it allows you to compete with others at the same time to challenge player’s perseverance.

After selecting the level, the game allows you to choose the character in a match. The most basic match will consist of 3 characters with a killer and two innocent. The maximum number of characters is six (5 innocent and one murderer). At the beginning of a match, each will move alternately to give an individual opinion (including the weapon that defeats Mr.Boddy and the room where the perpetrator kills). Each will have different landscapes and layouts. From there, you have to observe to find the similarities between the rooms and the appropriate weapons to use when you want to kill someone. Besides, players will have many different cards. Each will help you eliminate a suspect, weapons and the room’s context.

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