[Super Nintendo] College Slam Basketball

College Slam Basketball
Full nameCollege Slam Basketball
File size1.5MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Instead of intense basketball matches between clubs in the United States, College Slam provides players more comfortable between universities. The game’s content is easy to play, you have to score many points to win. The game mode consists of 2 vs 2, you can coordinate with the CPU to join a team or with another to fight the CPU.

About gameplay

The College Slam’s highlight is that it brings universities that belong to the DI group (NCAA Division I). They often have good facilities and many sports scholarships for students. Therefore, universities’ players possess professional skills. You can discover some outstanding such as the University of Notre Dame, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Detroit Mercy, University of Tennessee …

Many Game modes

The game has many game modes as Head to Head, Season Match-up, Semi Finals and Tournament Time. In which, Head to Head mode allows you to randomly select the available universities to use. The matches will help you get acquainted with the players and university teams. Semi Finals is a unique mode that allows you to participate in important matches, the semi-final match. Not having to overcome many different others, you can face directly a strong opponent in the semi-finals to find the team to win. Season Match-up has complex content in four modes. It allows you to explore 44 different teams and participate in 20 matches to end a season. Besides, the matches are very intense (because the CPU is a difficult level), and you will be hard to beat the competitors in the final matches. Compared to Season Match-up, Tournament Time only brings 16 teams and fewer matches to win. It also requires you to go through many different rounds to participate in the final.

With team and sport elements, players can change competitors during the break. Besides, you can also select players who can play well in a team to use. This means that you can arrange to compete in complex sections (Tournament Time and Season Match-up).

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