[Super Nintendo] Combatribes

Full nameCombatribes
File size853.5KB
Region Japan Japan , USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

The Combatribes was officially available on SNES in 1992 by American Technos Inc.

Join 1vs1 battles

This game brings unique missions in New York City. Here, you will face many different criminal gangs. There are three main characters to use, including Blitz, Berzerker, and Bullova (each will have different weight and height). Before starting, you can choose one of three characters to fight. The combat missions will arrange in 6 different stages as Act 1 – The Motorcycle Nuclear Warheads, Act 2 – The Demon Clowns, Act 3 – The Slash Skate Screamer, Act 4 – The Stadium Barbarians, Act 5 – The Demolition Troops and Act 6 – The Final Battle. Besides, at the end of each will bring one boss to fight. Another highlight is before and after you fight the boss, you will enjoy a video with a short dialogue to understand the game’s story.

Unique gameplay

Unlike fighting games with the same content, The Combatribes only allows you to participate in unarmed combat, and you can only defeat the enemy with melee techniques (punch, kick, and fall. ..). Besides, their bosses and soldiers will have a vitality status bar. Therefore, you have to attack continuously until the opponent disappears from the screen. In particular, each will own a personal weapon, and you have to move skillfully (the damage from this weapon will make you lose energy quickly).

Game modes

Each will correspond to a different criminal gang, except the fifth (the enemies will gather from the previous four gangs and a new boss). In particular, the fifth stage also allows you to face the bosses that lost. Before facing the bosses, you will have to fight with their soldiers. Each battle unit will be different in costumes. However, the 6th stage does not require to fight the boss’ army. Instead, you will face the final, Martha Splatterhead (defeat to end the game). Note, at the end of the battle, you have to set the password for each stage to be able to use in VS mode. MODE. At the VS. MODE, you will be free to choose one of the bosses to fight. To do that, you only have to reenter the saved password after finishing each in the single player.

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