[Super Nintendo] Congo's Caper

Congo's Caper
Full nameCongo's Caper
File size327.6KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Congo Caper is an action role-playing game by Data East in 1993. The game takes place in peaceful countryside, suddenly appearing monsters with many different shapes. It continuously destroys and abducts humans. Under the monsters’ oppression, Congo who his girlfriend is kidnapped is planning to go to the demon king’s cave and rescue her.

Congo, the main character will have to pass 35 levels. The journey begins in the jungle. He has a long sword to overcome attacks from enemies. His enemies are macaque monkeys that are standing on different levels in the forest. By his ability, Congo will move and attack enemies in close range. Besides, low-level enemies are destroyed when the Congo uses internal strength. He receives diamonds at some location. After many battles, the Congo is taken to a special level. Here, he will jump and catch diamonds in a limited time. A cave with many lavas is the next challenge. In this cave, he has to jump on the soil that moves continuously horizontally to safe areas. The Congo has to observe and perform the correct jump. He will die and restart that period if he falls down lava. At the end of the cave, dinosaurs and bats are ready to attack the Congo. They are large but move at a slow speed and have limited visibility. Dinosaurs will die when they hit three times in the head. After five levels, a monster is summoned by the demon to hinder the journey. Defeating them helps players to raise bonuses and collect more diamonds.

Congo will continue the journey with a pirate ship. They use knives and ropes to steal diamond bags. The battles take place on the decks of the ship, make his energy reduce. At that time, the Congo use the prize money to buy physical recovery items to prepare for the final stage. The boat takes Congo to a ghost town. He has to destroy them in search of the monster who is imprisoning his girlfriend. The game ends when his girlfriend is rescued, and they return to a peaceful life.

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