[Super Nintendo] Contra III – The Alien Wars

Contra III – The Alien Wars
Full nameContra III - The Alien Wars
File size718.7KB
Genre Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Contra is a series of video games that gave the world island when it appeared. One of the most successful playable installments in the series is Contra III: The Alien Wars for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Like its predecessors, this is one of the scroll shooting games with the same appeal as to this genre’s most modern games. It is also one of the first generation games of the 16-bit era and has its unique neoclassical touch.


Contra III begins with its familiar storyline when the vile alien forces of the despicable Red Falcon intend to invade the world and take over the world. You will play the role of different characters in the solo or two-player parts. However, both these game modes’ challenges are quite similar when you have to go through gun battles with alien robots and their weapons. With enough skill sets, you will reach the final round and face the lowly Red Falcon.


There is something quite crazy in this game when you can access the console and adjust the maximum number of lives. You can get up to 7 lives per try. However, when you reach the 3rd level, you will reset your life and all the challenges to become more challenging than ever.


This game’s theatrical approach is relatively classic, but its enemy design is probably the best of the Contra versions. The main character’s movement’s design also shows more sophistication and detail when both main characters can move wider, and their reflexes are also made more authentic. The efficiency in graphic design is shown in its suitability with the virtual keyboard integrated below. However, if you want to experience something nostalgic, you can use a separate mechanical controller.

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