[Super Nintendo] Cool Spot

Cool Spot
Full nameCool Spot
File size653.4KB
Region Europe Europe , Japan Japan , USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Cool Spot is an entertaining game by Virgin Games in 1993. After that, the game has received positive reviews from players around the world. With simple gameplay, lively moves and beautiful images, this is a game that brings many interesting experiences.

The player will control the Cool Spot to search for the words in UNCOLA or VIRGIN to complete. He passes two major stages with many difficulties. The first is Shell Shock. Cool Spot appears on a beach with much beautiful sand. He climbs up and begins his journey. Cool Spot uses weapons as bubbles to attack enemies. He faces marine creatures’ attacks like shrimp and crab. They hide under the sand and attack Cool Spot unexpectedly. Using his gas-chime, he quickly destroys all enemies on the beach. Each enemy is destroyed, he will receive many bonus points. Cool Spot collects many items such as watches, energy, shoes during the move. Each stage takes place for a specified time. Owning a watch makes the journey of Cool Spot easier. After the first stage, he is taken to a special area that contains many bonus points. Here, Cool Spot does not have to fight any enemies but his task is to collect bonus points. Cool Spot takes a jump to cling to a large balloon. He will jump over other balloons to collect more bonus points. At the end of this area is a cage that holds a character like Cool Spot. Rescuing him helps Cool Spot’s points increase rapidly.

Cool Spot moves to Pier Pressure in the final stage. He searches for letters on a ship with many dangerous sea creatures. In addition to the crabs and shrimps like the first stage, Cool Spot has to fight with bees, starfish, and worms. To avoid collisions and escape from enemies, he will move on long ropes to high areas and shoot bubbles at them. He collects several letters in some random area. Exploring all the compartments will help him match UNCOLA or VIRGIN and give it to the game.

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