[Super Nintendo] Cool World

Cool World
Full nameCool World
File size653.8KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Cool World is an entertaining game by Ocean in 1992. The game was available on the movie of the same name with many familiar characters. Holli Wood, the main character has to live in Frank Harris’s body. Holli is trying to escape from this body by going to many dangerous areas in the city. However, Harris has to prevent this dangerous behavior to ensure his safety and live in harmony with Holli.


Harris owns the Golden Stake of Power to balance his life with Holli. Players will control Harris through five stages containing many difficulties. He has a long arm to move. At each stage, Harris will collect map fragments to find the final area which contains the deciphered item sealed on him. In the first phase, Harris enters a casino in the city. He makes many dangerous battles such as wrestling, gambling, and attacking magicians to receive bonuses. Besides, he has to evade the area police by jumping in high areas. If he is caught, he will lose many bonuses and redo the stage. Harris goes to the fun city after getting out of the casino. With the earned money, he would buy some items to fend off the enemy. Harris loses in the candy’s world when wandering in the city. He moves in a car and dodges collisions with large falling candies. Completing the goal gives Harris many bonuses and a map piece.

Rescue the princess

Besides, a small level in the next stage brings new challenges for Harris. He climbs to the top of the building to rescue the princess. Harris has to destroy many enemies and avoid falling from above to the ground. When the princess is rescued, Harris collects all the pieces of the map. He goes to the final stage to look for the talisman. Combining puzzle pieces brings not only a map but also new swords with great strength. The talisman is stored in a mysterious box in the hiding monster’s place. Using his fighting experience, Harris quickly defeats the enemy and obtains the key to open the cage. The mission is completed when Harris and Holli’s bodies are separated, and they return to the city safely.

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