[Super Nintendo] Cosmo Gang Puzzle

Cosmo Gang Puzzle
Full nameCosmo Gang Puzzle
File size211.5KB
Genre Puzzle
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

After the Cosmo Gang the Video’s success, Namco continued to develop a new version with a puzzle challenge for the Japanese market. The game is Cosmo Gang the Puzzle which was available on SNES in 1993. Instead of shooting missions, it requires players to have agile thinking to achieve high achievements. Your task is to arrange the blocks that the game provides in a horizontal row. After one is filled with blocks, it will be removed, and the player will receive a certain number of points. The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible. Besides, you also have to destroy Cosmo Gang’s members, Jammers (design in pink). Jammers will arrange next to the blocks during the movement from the top of the screen down. You have to rotate them in the right shape so that the Jammers stand above. You can destroy the enemy with blue orbs (design next to the square blocks). The sphere will move vertically, and you have to arrange the Jammers in a vertical to destroy many enemies at once.

Besides, challenges are according to each different level. The blocks’ movement speed will vary with each. The high levels will require you to have agile observation (square blocks will fall at a faster rate) and control operation to arrange them reasonably. The game will stop when you cannot delete blocks or enemies. They will be stacked and touch the top of the playground (it has 13 horizontal and 6 vertical rows). Also, an energy bar with a star symbol will appear on the screen. Each Jammers are destroyed, it will help recharge the status bar. When the energy bar is full, a star will appear on the playground and help you destroy all enemies on the screen.

In addition to the individual play, Cosmo Gang the Puzzle also allows two players to participate in the competition (the screen will be divided in half). Besides, on the second playground, Jammers will be replaced by Pipopapo-Tai (a white robot). The goal is to survive longer than the competition. To do that, you have to destroy many enemies and arrange the planned blocks. Note, each enemy that is destroyed will be pushed to the enemy’s playground.

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