[Super Nintendo] Cosmo Gang Video

Cosmo Gang Video
Full nameCosmo Gang Video
File size664.1KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Cosmo Gang the Video is a Cosmo Gang’s version that offers shooting challenges with limited moving (you can only move left or right to avoid enemy attacks). The game was available by Namco in 1992 with two modes of 1 player and 2 players. In two players, each will control one Hyper Beats with different colors. Player one will control the yellow ship and another ship will be white. Besides, the two-player mode also requires to use the amount of life which you collect. Therefore, this mode brings more interesting combat missions, and gamers will work well together to complete.

Like other Arcade games with the same content, the player has to move constantly at the bottom of the screen to destroy Cosmo Gang (a military force with plotting to dominate the galaxy). Enemies will appear at the top and on the sides of the screen. They move in some formations and fixed directions. Therefore, you have to capture the enemy’s position to attack continuously before they rush into your spacecraft (colliding with the enemy makes you lose 1 life). Besides, the game has 32 stages, and each will bring different obstacles. The enemy will hide behind obstacles (giant coins, containers …) and you have to destroy obstacles first.

Along with the skillful movements, Cosmo Gang the Video has also various support items to collect. They will drop from an enemy (after being destroyed). Each will have a unique feature to assist in the fight. For example, you will pick up an energy shield that can resist the enemies’ attacks. Or you can use the slow bombs (throwing at the enemy, each ball which is activated will cause explosions and eliminate the enemies). In particular, two items possess powerful features to collect. An item will help you eliminates all enemies that appear, and the other allows you to stun enemies (making them unable to move, and you can destroy more easily).

At the final stage, you have to fight Don Cosmo (Final Boss) to end the game. Besides, you can also participate in many different bonus stages to improve your performance. It will offer a challenge with a limited time, which requires you to survive to receive many bonus points.

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