[Super Nintendo] Crystal Beans From Dungeon Explorer

Crystal Beans From Dungeon Explorer
Full nameCrystal Beans From Dungeon Explorer
File size1.0MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Crystal Beans From Dungeon Explorer is a modified version of Dungeon Explorer II on the SNES platform. The game still has the same content as the original and many different characters to explore. It takes place 100 years later, the kingdom’s power stone has been stolen by 15 legendary demons, and the King asks you to bring it back to the kingdom.

In the game, players will choose the number of players to join at once (it allows three players). Next, the game offers eight characters to choose from. Each will have their weapons and fighting skills. Eight characters include Monk, Priest, Warrior, Wizard, Bowman, Fighter, Witch and Kage (another name for ninja). With role-playing elements, successful character selection, you will participate in various missions to upgrade characters. Completing challenges and destroying monsters will help you level up. From there, the character’s specifications will increase gradually by each level. Also, you are can collect different types of items. There are many items with specific effects to use. You can pick up them during the conquering dungeons.

In each dungeon, there is one boss to fight. To reach his position, players will have to overcome many traps or monsters along the way. Besides, each dungeon will have a different area and context. It has a large area and requires you to have patient and smart moves to complete. After the battle with the boss, you will receive special rewards and unlock new dungeons to explore.

Besides, each character will have different techniques. From there, you have to develop a reasonable strategy to use. In the battles, the enemy will try to surround or corner you into narrow areas. Therefore, players have to be clever to avoid the attacks. Next, you have to fight continuously until the enemy disappears on the map. In addition to facing many enemies, each dungeon has different pitfalls. Watching carelessly and moving quickly will kill you.

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