[Super Nintendo] Cutthroat Island

Cutthroat Island
Full nameCutthroat Island
File size1.0MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Cutthroat Island offers players unique adventure journeys to find the treasure. The game’ content relates to the pirates’ era. In 1619, a pirates group, the Sea Devil attacked and captured a Spanish ship. It was Santa Susanna and carried many valuable treasures. However, the Sea Devil was in trouble before bringing the treasure that they robbed back to the mainland. Besides, a storm took the Sea Devil to Cutthroat Island, and bandits’ members tried to leave the island. However, only a member survived, Fingers Adams. Before he died, he drew a map to show the Sea Devil’s final location along with the huge treasure. Next, the map was divided into 3 different pieces and passed on to the Fingers descendants.

By 1688, one Adams’ descendants, Morgan Adams, decided to look for the treasure that his ancestors had left. She became a pirate and had a part of the map. Also, she was on her way to collect the others (other pirate groups or nobles were holding). In the beginning, Morgan met William Shaw (a thief and fluent in Latin) while she was looking for a translator at the Royal port. After that, they searched for treasure together.

In Cutthroat Island, you will have to control Shaw or Morgan. In addition, you also have to fight the pirates in many different areas while collecting the others. The combat mission will take place with ten levels, and you have to try to survive the enemy’s attacks to go forward. In ten levels, levels 2 and 5 bring two special challenges to conquer. At level two, you have to rescue and run away with prisoners (forced to work at mine) on a stone truck. Next, level 5 offers the challenge on a horse carriage. To fight the enemy, the character will get the basic weapon, a sword. In addition, players can collect and use some others such as bombs, knives, pistols … When facing many enemies, players have to move skillfully (running, jump, climb) and ensure that the vitality does not decrease (a vitality bar in the left corner will show the health).

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