[Super Nintendo] Cyber Knight

Cyber Knight
Full nameCyber Knight
File size589.4KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

After the aerospace and robotics’s development, humans have completely conquered the universe in the 24th century. In which, the Earth was no longer the cultural center and the big world’s planet. Instead, every country would own planets and build colonies in many others. Since a space war broke out, and countries competed to exploit resources on new planets. To minimize wars and focus on economic development, nations decided to use mercenaries, and they were space pirates.


The game begins with a spaceship, Swordfish which was attacked by space pirates. To escape, the spacecraft had to use space jump. However, the members were unable to identify and select the area that they wanted to go to. Therefore, the spacecraft was moving continuously until it stopped at the Galactic Center. At that time, the Swordfish’ captain died, and it also was damaged seriously. In which, only 26 members survived, and 6 met the standard of using Mecha (a fighting machine that resembled a human). Besides, the ship’s crew discovered that they had access to a new colony with an environment similar to the Earth. Besides, it possessed a developed civilization with two rulers, the Queen and the King. However, they had to face the risk of extinction when the colony was being invaded by an alien force, Berserker.


In Cyber-Knight, you will control 6 Swordfish’s Mecha to protect the colony from the Berserker‘s attack. The battle challenges will divide into different stages, and they will take place in a turn-based. Like other strategy games, players have to take part in continuous fights to collect rewards and bonuses to upgrade their equipment. With the use of Mecha, the player will have to make many reasonable plans to have the most fighting ability. There are many different types of weapons such as Ray gun, Ray Blade, Machine gun, Plasma gun …

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