[Super Nintendo] Cyber Spin

Cyber Spin
Full nameCyber Spin
File size354.8KB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Cyber ​​Spin brings the races in the future context, where the racing cars are beautifully designed and have powerful turbocharged engines. This game was available in North America in November 1992 and Japan on March 19, 1992. However, the game has specific features for each release region. For example, racetracks in North America are easier than those in the Japanese market (tracks belonging to the later stages of the driving challenge are broader and more complex). Besides, only the Japanese version owns the GPX Mode game. In particular, GPX Mode allows players to choose 1 of 6 different racing cars to use (GSX, Jaguar, Albatrander, Avior, …).

Join the thrilling races

Cyber ​​Spin races take place at various racetracks around the world which gives Formula One’s true picture. Players will compete and control a racing car from a top-down perspective. Also, the interface is simple which will not display a track map to observe. Instead, at the top of the screen will display navigation signs for players to follow. In which, yellow signs show simple paths, and players can easily pass. The red sign indicates that the path is very complex (many turns appear in succession), and you have to control your movement speed to pass through these areas. The observed signs require players to have good concentration and quick observation to avoid crashing into the curb. Besides, the screen also does not show the number of laps to complete in a match. To win, you have to complete them in the shortest time. At the end of the match, a ranking will display with the driver’s record and find the winner.

In addition to having good reflexes and observations, the game brings a feature, Power Boost which displays in the right corner of the screen to use in each match. With Power Boost, your car can reach its top speed in a short time. However, Power Boost is also limited, and you have to choose the right time to activate this feature. By participating in the competition at the maximum speed, the fastest car will move at a speed of 512 km/h.

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