[Super Nintendo] D-Force

Full nameD-Force
File size445.0KB
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

The game was available in Japan on December 20, 1991, the Dimension Force and in the North American, it was D-Force. This game allows you to become a fighter pilot in many fierce battles. You can control one AH-64 Apache to perform the required tasks. The main objective is to survive enemy attacks and destroy them to create outstanding achievements. With a top-down perspective, you have to control the helicopter to avoid the enemy’s fire. Moreover, you can move forward, backward, turn left or right.


In the early stages, your aircraft will have basic weapons, such as machine guns and missiles. To upgrade, you have to collect energy balls (drop when enemies disappear). Each successful collection will give you a type of ammunition with different shapes and colors. Your battle takes place in the air (some bring ground targets), enemies will appear and attack you from many different directions. Therefore, you have to move continuously to ensure the plane’s safety and shoot down the enemy.

Game modes

D-Force includes 3 parts and 7 different stages. Each will bring different combat missions. At Game Start, you will participate in fighting and conquer all 7. Shooting Mode also requires you to participate in battles in stages 1, 3 and 5. Finally, you will discover 2, 4 and 6 in Exploration Mode with the request to change the height to avoid the obstacles and destroy. Also, each stage will bring two bosses (Mid BOSS and Final BOSS). To go forward, you have to defeat both bosses.

In the Option Mode folder, players can customize two features, including life and challenge level. With the Player folder, you can choose the number of lives to start fighting. Next, the Game Level folder brings three different challenging levels, including Easy, Normal, and Hard. In which, each has unique challenges to enjoy. For example, the Easy level’s enemy can move slowly, and their fire density is at an average level. For the Hard level, players will participate in the fierce battle. The enemies can move fast, and their direction is more complicated (requires players to have good reflexes to avoid collisions). The density of firepower is also greater.

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