[Super Nintendo] Daffy Duck – The Marvin Missions

Daffy Duck – The Marvin Missions
Full nameDaffy Duck - The Marvin Missions
File size537.9KB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions was based on Duck Dodgers of Warner Bros. In the game, you will discover interesting missions with Daffy Duck. You are responsible for rescuing politicians in distress on Mars (the Mars’s Emperor imprisoned them). The game has familiar gameplay, the character will move from left to right and face many challenges. There are 19 stages to explore, each will bring different contexts and obstacles to conquer.

The challenge will start from a resort on Mars, you will have to rescue many different politicians and defeat Marvin the Martian to end. To complete the challenge, players have to move carefully to overcome the obstacles. Besides, you also have to fight the Mars army. The enemy will have arms and attack violently. To assist the player, the game offers five different types of guns to use. Each will have different strengths and values. An attractive feature is that your weapons will not be limited to ammunition. Therefore, you can freely use and defeat the enemy.

To own many different guns, players have to accumulate many bonuses. Each will require a separate amount to unlock. You can accumulate bonuses by destroying enemies and collecting valuable items. Besides, the character also uses the other, jet backpack. This unique device allows the character to move to different terrains in a simple way. However, it has to have fuel to operate, and each use will cause to drop. Therefore, players have to pay attention and use this support device in a reasonable manner. To restore fuel, you have to collect energy tanks which mark with the letter F.

In addition, Duck Dodgers will have two lives when starting the challenge. Life will be lost after you collide 4 times with enemies or traps (4 points will display in the bottom left corner of the screen). To add extra lives, you can use the bonus to buy at the store (1 life is worth $ 2500)

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