[Super Nintendo] Dai 4 Ji Super Robot Taisen (V1.0)

Dai 4 Ji Super Robot Taisen (V1.0)
Full nameDai 4 Ji Super Robot Taisen (V1.0)
File size2.1MB
Genre Action
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Banpresto is a famous manufacturer and publisher with the Super Robot Wars game series. They continue to release 4th Super Robot Wars with many changes in content. The game retains the tactical role-playing style as previous help players feel excited to conquer new challenges. The events take place with a major economic and political crisis between colonial countries. Terrorism occurs in many places for occupying land and property. Before this crisis, the Titans established under the Jamitov’s direction, a talented general. The army made many achievements in colonial disputes. However, many soldiers and lieutenants in the Titans disappeared mysteriously. After the investigation, Bright Noah found the cause that was Ondora Poseidal, a new empire. They continually created murders that focused on Titans’ famous figures with the plot to rule the world. To prevent these dangerous actions, Bright Noah and his teammates found and destroyed the Ondora Poseidal empire. Many wars broke out under the Londo Bell’s direction, the leader of Zovorg’s evil organization, which led the Ondora Poseidal empire.

The player controls Londo Bell, the main character, traveling to many areas to collect clues and evidence of the empire’s crime. Each stage contains an important clue leading to Zovorg’s base. Londo can talk to an enemy during the period before starting. He will form a squad to fight the enemy. It possesses great magical power with elite soldiers. When the enemy loses, his army will receive more energy tanks. A special skill that creates from the soldiers’ power will quickly defeat all enemies. Londo’s goal is to destroy the enemies that appear at a corner of the map with a guards army. He receives a reward when the last enemy disappears.

After passing each stage, Londo receives clues leading to the next area. He will conquer many complex terrains and enemies. Finally, Londo finds Zovorg and his men in a cave. He uses his strongest army and properly arranges them to help Londo win against the enemy’s power and destroy all the Ondora Poseidal empire’s soldiers.

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