[Super Nintendo] Darius Force

Darius Force
Full nameDarius Force
File size490.8KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Darius Force is an action game by Taito in 1993. The game revolves around wars in the vast galaxy. After winning the battle with the enemy Belsar, the planet Darius began to build and expand the colony. Many countries formed a Galactic League organization to ensure security and interests. In the following years, it began developing a military weapons system to fight enemies in the future. However, Belsar was not destroyed in the war hundreds of years ago. They travelled to many other planets to invade and create their army. They became increasingly large and possessed powerful weapons. With the leader Belsar’s direction, the army returned to the planet Darius to take revenge and rule the whole world.

About the gameplay, players will control Silver Hawk, an official fighter plane to fight the enemy. There are 15 stages in different areas. In the first, players get lost in the space between the planet Darius and Belsar. Their enemy is an army that controls aircraft in the air. The player’s fighter has a machine gun with the bullets’ limitation. This weapon will upgrade after the end of the stages. They will move up and down to evade the enemy’s gunfire and destroy them. Players receive bonus points when an enemy is defeated. The boss at the end of the first stage is an alien robot with armor protection that attacks the player by firing lasers. They get many bonus points after the robot is destroyed.

Players arrive at the enemy’s base after passing the first stage. Here, they have to destroy many machines and fighters to protect the base. Besides, they have to dodge the falling meteorites. If you collide with them or die when the enemy attacks, you will start this stage again and the weapon returns to the original state. Players will battle a monster at the end of each stage. After overcoming many difficulties and dangers, players come to the final challenge, facing Belsar. Belsar operates a large robot with a machine gun and a shield. By the experience of previous matches, the player will quickly destroy Belsar and complete his mission.

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