[Super Nintendo] Dark Half

Dark Half
Full nameDark Half
File size1.8MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Dark Half is an adventure game by Enix in 1996.


The game develops a unique plot. The battles take place in the demon castle. After failing in the battle with the demon bat many years ago, the enormous magical power among Falco’s body, a cruel man, revived him. This power helped him break the seal in an icy cave. With deep hatred, he returned to the castle in the Rukyu’s form, the darkness demon lord.

About gameplay

Players will act Rukyu, the main character. He has to pass through many different areas to destroy the villagers and the obstructions. He receives the weapons from the gods, a long sword and shield. When moving to dangerous areas with the enemy’s appearance, he comes to a separate area to start the fight. Rukyu collects bonuses and various items that increase energy when defeating an enemy. He uses this bonus to buy items at regional stores. Armed with a suit of armor and energy tanks makes Rukyu’s destruction process simpler.

Fight with bosses

After each battle, Rukyu will talk to his soul to go to the next area. He has to fight the boss guarding the cave in the demon castle at certain stages. They usually move at a fast speed and have a large body. With his magical power, Rukyu will bring his enemies to a dream in a freezing state. He performs several slashes on the enemy to defeat them. During the third stage, Rukyu stands at the top floor of the cave and fights with the animal girls. He can view their information, their power, and their physical strength. The areas connect through a door, and that door will only open when the protective monster disappears.

Rukyu goes to the center of the demon castle to fight the final enemies. His enemies are subordinates of the noble god Roda, the Falco’s enemy. He has to prepare many support items before starting the fight. The warriors possessing great power causes many difficulties for Rukyu. By experience fighting the enemy in previous stages, he quickly defeats the enemy and completes the mission.

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