[Super Nintendo] Dark Kingdom

Dark Kingdom
Full nameDark Kingdom
File size1.0MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

In the role-playing challenge, players will play a courageous and powerful warrior to save the world from the evil forces. However, Dark Kingdom will bring to a new challenge. Players will control Gene Dorman – a powerful mercenary. Instead of protecting the world, Gene works for the Demon King and destroys all enemies according to his master’s duty. You will perform the Maou’s battle missions in a certain order to increase and upgrade the character’s power. Another attraction is that you will participate in turn-based competitions with the first perspective. This game was available by Nippon Telenet in Japan on April 29, 1994.

The Gameplay

With role-playing elements, players will go to many different areas to perform the required tasks. In each match, you will have to confront several enemies at the same time and have reasonable strategies to ensure your safety. You can use basic combat techniques and magic to defeat the enemies. Completing each will help you level up and unlock many new battle skills. Besides, you also get bonuses for making various purchases. The game will bring two unique shops for players to explore as weapons and magic shops. With the weapon shop, you will search and equip them that is suitable for the character’s strength and level. Magic shop has the same function, allows items to increase magic power in stages so that you can confidently face high-level enemies (warriors or monsters have only strong specs).

Lots of quests to explore

The turn-based play presents an important requirement that the player will be composure. Fighting with many enemies at the same time will not be simple, especially the battle with the boss. Therefore, you have to calculate carefully when using magic or special skills. Besides, the game has also an attractive time system to bring a day and night cycle which creates authentic experiences. Besides, you can also talk to the NPC to exchange information before starting a new mission. Players will receive quests at the Maou’s Castle and explore the Castle’s various areas after completing the challenge.

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