[Super Nintendo] Dark Law – Meaning Of Death

Dark Law – Meaning Of Death
Full nameDark Law - Meaning Of Death
File size1.9MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Dark Law: Meaning of Death is the next version of Dark Lord by ASCII Corporation on March 28, 1997. This game comes from a linear plot system. Your task is to completely do in a certain order. In the game, you will become a citizen of the Reyfhor Kingdom – worship the god light Orfas and discover the mysteries that are changing your country through many different stories. You will start in Shanoa town and conquer many different dungeons to upgrade your character.

Create your characters

Firstly, you will create characters (a maximum of four with two males and two females). Besides, you can also acquire some new others through the Town Inn. Another feature is that males can fight better than females, and they have to accumulate experience points to level up. And the female possesses the ability to learn and absorb the magic power faster than the other. Therefore, you have to manage and upgrade appropriately to create a strong battle group. Similar to other role-playing games and group management, each will have a separate specification and three important parameters, including Lifeforce, Powerfulness and Quickness. When you level up a character, they will change and affect the fighting ability.

Upgrade your characters

To level up characters and learn new spells, the player has to take part in fighting in the dungeons and receive magic discovery missions at the Magic Association in town. The battles will take place in the dungeons, and you have to successfully conquer each to receive valuable rewards. It offers different areas and some monsters (varies according to each stage and the character’s level). At the final battle to close the dungeon, you will collect items with high attributes and attributes. However, they will not be easy, and you have to use a variety of battle techniques to defeat the enemies.

With the mission to unlock magic, you have to complete many different goals. After that, you have to spend a certain amount (relatively little). However, completing the mission will help you own the magic without paying additional costs. In addition to unlocking spells for quests, the game also allows owning magic simply by buying in the store but requires much money to perform.

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