[Super Nintendo] Daze Before Christmas

Daze Before Christmas
Full nameDaze Before Christmas
File size1.2MB
Genre Adventure
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

In Daze Before Christmas, you will participate in the Christmas rescue mission with Santa. Evil and greedy mouse threatened Christmas. It stole all the Christmas presents for the kids around the world. As a result, Santa had to collect gifts and return them before the kids woke up on Christmas. Funcom designed and Sunsoft released in 1994.

Great Gameplay

In the game, you will control Santa Claus and overcome many dangers along the way (bombs, giant mice, snowmen). Along the way will appear different gift boxes, and you have to open the gift boxes to collect hidden items. However, gift boxes use to hide a hat, bomb, or enemy (chugg, snowman …). When confronted with enemies, Santa Claus will use the magical power from his sack to defeat them. Besides, you will have a certain number of powerful creatures to use and can collect additional lives along the way. It will display by Santa Claus’s face. In particular, you can collide multiple times with enemies before disappearing (remove a life). Each will cost you a hat (collect from opening gift boxes), you can accumulate many others to ensure the survival to the end.

Unlocked Characters

Besides controlling Santa Claus, players also control a new character, Anti-Claus. You can use him after Santa Claus drinks a cup of tea. When Anti-Claus appears, you can not collect or open gifts on the way. Also, you will not use magic to destroy enemies. Instead, you use the carrying sack as a weapon to attack the enemy. Note, kill enemies and collect gift boxes will bring you many high scores. Therefore, players have to calculate carefully before changing characters to use at each level.

Daze Before Christmas has a design with an extra challenge to explore is Santa Claus’s sleigh driver. It only appears at the end of certain levels. It requires you to move carefully on the rooftops to drop gifts into the chimney and avoid obstacles in the air.

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