[Super Nintendo] Dead Dance

Dead Dance
Full nameDead Dance
File size1.1MB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Dead Dance is a fighting game by Jaleco on SNES. This game was available on the Japanese market on March 26, 1993. Besides, Jaleco also designed a Dead Dance’s separate version for North American and European markets, the game is Tuff E Nuff. It was available in North America in September 1993 and Europe in October 1993.

Background and plot

The game is in the 2151 AD (Earth era after post-apocalypse). At this time, the world was very chaotic, and only the strong could survive. Therefore, players had to constantly fight with each other to earn people’s respect. Besides, a man living in this era found a special blue armor. This man was Jadoh and used his armor as his signature combat weapon and defeated many opponents on Earth. From there, he gained control of the world and called King Fighting.

Next, Jadoh built a tower and recruited six bodyguards (soldiers with strong fighting skills) to protect him. Also, many people tried to steal Jadoh’s special armor but they all had tragic endings. After the tower built successfully, King Fighting opened a martial arts tournament around the world to find the strongest warrior. After many rounds, there are only four warriors, and they will have to compete with each other to find a winner to see Jadoh in the tower.

Gameplay and game modes

They are Syoh, Zazi, Vortz, and Kotono. Besides, they are four basic warriors to use in battles. The game has many different parts, including Player VS CPU Mode, Multiplayer Mode, and Story Mode. In which, Story Mode has 10 different battle stages. Before exploring this mode, you can choose 1 of 4 basic characters to control. Next, you will have to fight with the remaining three characters in the first three stages. Completing them, you will face 6 Jodoh’s guards. Finally, you will end this mode with a stressful battle when faced directly with Jodoh.

With Player VS CPU Mode, you can compete CPU in random matches. This mode allows you to choose the character to join the fight. And Multiplayer brings two players to fight each other for a limited time.

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