[Super Nintendo] Dear Boys

Dear Boys
Full nameDear Boys
File size1.0MB
Genre Sports
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Basketball is an attractive sport, and many manga authors used it in their works. In which, Dear Boys is an interesting series and has received positive reviews from players. Therefore, Yutaka Producer has released an attractive sports game which comes from the manga (on SNES in 1994).

Gameplay and game modes

In Dear Boys, you can explore two game modes, Story Mode and Exhibition. With Story Mode, you will enjoy basketball matches and manga-like content. Your goal is to help the Mizuho school basketball team win the championship in the district-open tournament. And Exhibition allows you to edit many different folders before participating in (the costumes’ color, competition time …). Due to coming from an attractive manga, the game also offers many different characters to use (Takumi Fujiwara, Ranmaru Miura, Tōya Takashina, Mai Moritaka …). Besides, each also owns a separate personal data sheet. Parameters display for attack techniques including Pass, Shoot, and Ballkeep. And the defense parameters are Block, Passcut, and Steal. Besides, Stamina and Speed are the two basic parameters that any character has (both in attack and defense).

Enjoy basketball in many ways

An attractive feature is that the screen will divide into two different sections horizontally. In which, the upper part of the screen will show the animated images, and the lower will show the players in the basketball court. Instead of directly controlling the characters and performing competition techniques, players will have different folders to choose from. You will control the character and select the techniques that prepare in a series of folders. It will give a slow pace for each game. However, it also requires the player to have reasonable calculations to score many points for the team. A match will take place for a limited time, and the player has to achieve a certain score after each attack (perform a technique of backboard or throwing 2 to 3 points).

You can distinguish the characters on the playground through the outfit’s color. Besides, each character will display a certain number at the top. From there, it helps you easily observe the match and devise reasonable competition strategies.

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