[Super Nintendo] Demolition Man

Demolition Man
Full nameDemolition Man
File size946.3KB
Genre Platform , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Demolition Man is a unique shooting game with two different perspectives, and Acclaim Entertainment based on the film of the same name by Sylvester Stallone to develop. The main task is to engage in fights with criminal gangs and return peace to the streets. When exploring, you control John Spartan and overcome many different challenges to meet Simon Phoenix, the game’s antagonist, and the last boss you have to defeat.


With the shooting challenge, the player has to move constantly and kill the enemies. Besides, there are many different types of guns to collect (pistols, machine guns, shotguns …). Besides, you can also use bombs or grenades to kill many enemies at once. Combat missions are two different timelines, 1996 and after 2032. Along with the familiar horizontal screen movement, the game also allows you to control the character with a top-down perspective. With movement from left to right, you have to climb and destroy all criminals. With the challenge of fighting from a perspective, you will move eight different directions and rescue hostages whom terrorists persecute.

Instead of providing life for use as other shooting games, the character will display a vitality bar in the left corner of the screen. Every time a bullet is hit during a battle, the character’s vitality will reduce. When the life force bar drops to 0, John will die, and the challenge will stop. To recover your health, you have to collect the first aid kit on the ground. Also, the player has to move smartly to destroy and avoid the enemy’s attacks.

Interesting game modes

Demolition Man offers three levels to explore, including Calm, Crazed, and Total Demolition. Each will have the number of enemies and their reflexes. At the Total Demolition level, your enemies have quick reflexes, and they will appear constantly on the screen to fight. Compared to the first two levels, the last level possesses a large number of enemies. From there, you have to move quickly to many new areas to collect first aid boxes and fight until destroying all enemies. The final battle will take place at the prison, and Simon Phoenix confronts.

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